How can we establish a new normaltity in dealing with menstruation?

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Menstruation= normal?


Over 80% of surveyed menstruating individuals state that the visibility of their own menstruation is a source of fear. Concealing the bleeding manifests in many ways, often these actions are subconsciously ingrained.

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The provision of sanitary consumables is mandatory in public facilities, but this does not apply to menstrual products. There is still no equal treatment of body fluids from the government’s perspective. 

artikel.drei (article.three) recalls the promise in the German Basic Constitutional Law. 

Environmental issue: 

Pads and tampons contain plastic and are supposed to be additionally wrapped in hygiene bags before disposal. Used menstrual products constitute a significant factor in the global waste problem.

Lack of education:

Only a few are aware that the withdrawal bleeding during pill intake is not a menstrual period and serves no medical purpose. Millions of women bleed completely unnecessarily, and a long-term cycle is now recommended

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Let's talk about blood!

169 menstruating individuals (mainly students) participated in the online survey. Here is a brief excerpt of the results:

A complement of the exsisting ­infrastructure

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